Professional Grant for the 2019-20 School Year

It is a goal of the Kenston Foundation to award grants to the professional staff from the Kenston School District benefiting students across our education system. Grants awarded provide essential equipment, materials and financial aid. The Kenston Foundation grants are intended to fund projects and programs not typically financed by the Kenston School District, but found to be worthwhile extensions of the approved curriculum.

When considering whether to fund a grant, the Kenston Foundation favors those grants that will touch the lives of the greatest number of students. The Kenston Foundation does not provide funds for consumables, professional staff pay, or for substitutes, but will consider providing for professional staff training.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the deadline for submitting all grant applications will be 2019. This will enable the Foundation to review all grant applications at one time and then to fund the grants as deemed appropriate. It is the intention of the Foundation to announce the funding of the grants at the second annual grant recipient breakfast in early December.

The trustees of the Kenston Foundation will monitor the implementation of the grants that are awarded. All grant recipients will be invited to present the outcomes of their grants at a Foundation meeting, including a written summary evaluation. Additionally during the implementation of the grant, the trustees of the Foundation would appreciate an opportunity to observe the funded project or program in action.

Please note that the signature of your school’s administrator is required on the application. If your request includes technology purchases, you must also secure the signature of Andreas Johansson before submitting. This assures that the appropriate administrator is aware of your grant application, and that all technology requests meet the requirements of the district.

Thank you for your interest in the professional staff grant program and for your continued dedication to the students of the Kenston School District. We look forward to reviewing your application.


3 Options to Apply:

Deadline Is 2019

1. Email your files to

2. Forward your proposal to:

The Kenston Foundation
Professional Staff Grant Application
ATTN: Adam Fender, Kenston Intermediate School

3. Fill out the following form:

  • Describe your project in detail. Include preliminary plans, project timeline, number of participants involved, who will benefit, and a description of equipment or materials needed.
  • Explain why you feel your project is needed.
  • Detail your planned project expenses with cost estimates.
  • List or explain the evaluation criteria that you will use to determine the success of your project.