Our Foundation

The Kenston Foundation was founded in 1983 to provide an avenue for individual and corporate donors to promote academic excellence with a tax-deductible gift.

The Kenston Foundation is dedicated to the continued excellence in education by supporting and promoting the availability and use of innovative and creative tools that enhance curriculum and enrich the educational experience that goes above and beyond the district budget initiatives.

Since its inception, the Kenston Foundation has awarded significant grants to teachers from within the Kenston School District. Grants which serve to provide essential equipment, materials and financial aid needed to fund projects and programs benefiting students across our educational system.

Recognizing academic excellence and personal achievement by our students, the Kenston Foundation awards annual scholarships to our graduating seniors. These scholarships are awarded each year to candidates with a variety of expertise and interests, including math, science, humanities, education, community service and others.

Supporting Excellence in Education and Innovative Curriculum Since Inception


Awarded to Kenston Seniors


Awarded in Educational Grants