Attention Kenston Parents and Community Parnters:

The Kenston Foundation was founded in 1983, as a 501(c3) non-profit corporation to provide an avenue for individuals and corporate donors to promote academic excellence with tax deductible gifts. These gifts are then awarded as Kenston Scholarships and Educational Grants.

Your generous donations directly benefit Kenston students K-12 and graduating seniors.
In 2021, we awarded 44 scholarships to Kenston High School Seniors totaling $44,000. The Foundation manages funds for memorial scholarships, then interviews, selects and presents to recipients. We also have matched funds and sponsored standing scholarships directly with the funds from your generosity here, through the stars and notes programs on performance nights and other fundraising efforts throughout the year.

The KENSTON FOUNDATION provided educational grants reaching students K-12 covering educational programming in every building on campus. Last year’s
grants include Professional Video Equipment – KHS, Kiln for KMS, Choral Risers, World Language Readers for KMS/KHS, Funding for Creating Exceptional Character – KHS Special Education, KIS Chromebooks, Spike Ball sets – KMS , and RAZ-kids software for Timmons.

If your students have participated in One School, One Book at Timmons; the drama workshops and arts festival at the Intermediate School, used Chromebooks or ScootPad in the classroom, seen a program at the KHS Auditorium, watched Brain POP media at KMS, or used our on-line research videos, or the 3-D printer at the High School or the Kiln at KMS, they have benefitted from a Kenston Foundation Educational Grant.

Each year The KENSTON FOUNDATION receives educational grant requests averaging $30k. Unfortunately, the foundation only has the ability to fulfill a fraction of them. Your donations have direct impact on funding these educational needs!

Scholarships Funded by the Kenston Foundation

The Kenston Foundation currently awards five (5) senior scholarships that are funded through Kenston Foundation donations and fundraising events:


  1. Kenston Foundation Award of Merit:  A discretionary scholarship of $1000 awarded by the Kenston Foundation to an applicant of any of the other Foundation scholarships for which said individual was not a chosen recipient. This scholarship is awarded at the sole discretion and decision of the Kenston Foundation Scholarship committee and may not be awarded every year. More than one scholarship may be awarded per year. 
  2. Kenston Foundation Math/Science Scholarship: Two $1000 scholarships will be awarded to one male and one female recipient who is a senior with a demonstrated interest in math and/or science.
  3. Kenston Foundation Arts Scholarship:  Two $1000 scholarships will be awarded to one male and one female recipient who must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher and plan to pursue a degree in Art, in some way. In addition, recipient must have taken at least four (4) Art classes at Kenston.
  4. Kenston Foundation Vocational Education Scholarship: A $1000 scholarship will be awarded to a recipient who must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher and must plan to attend a vocational school or skilled trade training program (i.e. cosmetology school, welding/plumbing/carpentry training programs, auto mechanics training program, etc.) following graduation from Kenston to pursue a career in their vocational field of interest.
  5. Kenston Foundation First Generation College Scholarship: A $2500 scholarship will be awarded to a recipient who must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher, be the first member of their family to attend a four-year college or university, and exemplify the qualities of dedication and hard work necessary to pursue higher education at the college level.